How to look after antique fireplaces – marble and slate

When installed in suitable surroundings, slate and marble antique fireplaces can transform an average room into a stunning place to be. And while it’s fair to say that once clean, antique fireplaces will sit happily for many years without requiring frequent attention, it’s also true that without the right care and attention, serious damage can be done.

Cleaning and looking after marble antique fireplaces

Of all the antique fireplaces, marble demands more attention than most other materials. Why? The prime reason is because of just how porous it is. Acid will destroy a marble fireplace if used improperly, and often the damage will be impossible to remove.

First, dissolve soap flakes in warm water. Then, immerse a soft cloth and wring it out. Scrubbing the marble is the next stage, and after that a good wipe with a damp cloth should suffice. Lastly, marble antique fireplaces need polishing with a dry cloth – alternatively, you can use a specialist marble-finish that is oil-based.

Slate antique fireplaces and their surrounds

Slate has always been loved, and to keep its appearance as it should be, a basic washing-up liquid and water solution – along with a moist cloth – should do the trick nicely. The essential thing to remember here is never make the slate too wet, as this stone is extremely absorbent. Buffing up the  stone will finish the appearance nicely, and with the right amount of love and labour, slate antique fireplaces can look as good as any of the more contemporary versions.

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